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Covenant Prep provides young men from underserved communities the foundation required to successfully pursue higher education, to develop the strength of their character and to inspire them to live with integrity as leaders committed to their communities.

Message from the Head of School

Dear Covenant Prep Community,

It is an honor and privilege to write to you as the new Head of Covenant Prep School. As your new Head of School, I am looking forward to meeting and working with you, the members of our Covenant Prep family: students, staff, parents and guardians, donors, sponsors and the Board.  I believe that every thriving school puts the happiness of the school community at the heart of its work, and I will strive to do just that–with your help. Working together as a unit, being ‘in this together’, is the foundation of clear, transparent, and healthy communication between all stakeholders within our community.

I have worked in schools for over two decades and have served as a teacher and later as a school administrator. Most of my work has been in schools in inner-city communities, and it was here that I developed my leadership principles, which wonderfully align with Covenant Prep’s core values: ‘Integrity, Gratitude, Respect, Motivation and Community’.  As the Head of School, I will work to ensure that all Covenant Prep students challenge and push themselves academically and personally to achieve their full potential, and that we as staff and supporters are mindful of their growth (academically, socially and emotionally). I firmly believe that we are not only developing our boys academically, but also preparing them for the joys and challenges of life beyond Covenant Prep School. I look forward to working with the school’s teachers, support personnel, leaders, and administrators as we continue the journey of growth and success as a school community. 

Covenant Prep is a special place. From my very first day visiting, it was very clear that the school sets high standards for each student, and that our students are ready and able to rise to the highest levels of effort, excellence, and kindness.  This is something I will endeavor to maintain and continually strengthen. I look forward to our journey together! 

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