Summer Programs at CMU (Video Game Design, Artificial Intelligence, Science, Math, Architecture...)

National High School Game Academy at CMU!

Hey there! Did you know that Carnegie Mellon has a summer program that is tuition-free and provides free housing and meals to students who are selected to attend? Well, you do now! Carnegie Mellon's Summer Opportunities program offers college-credit to students who participate in their program for STEM and other academic discipline offerings.

  • Interested in autonomous robots or teaching computers to think? Then the Pre-College Artificial Intelligence program might be for you!

  • Interested in video games? Then the National High School Game Academy might be for you! (Coding, game art, game design...)

  • Interested in Architecture, Art, Computation Biology, Design, Drama, or Music? Then the Pre-College Fine Arts program might be for you!

Artificial Intelligence at CMU!

The Carnegie Mellon Summer Opportunities Program has a few requirements for those interested in applying. This is from their website:

The Summer Opportunities for Access & Inclusion Programs invite high school students with strong academic records, who are U.S. citizens/permanent residents, to apply. 

Students with the following backgrounds are invited to apply:

  • Underrepresented minorities

  • Families of low socioeconomic status, which may be indicated by eligibility for public assistance programs or free/reduced lunch programs

  • Potentially first in family to attend college

  • Attendance at rural or inner-city high schools with historically low rates of admittance to top-tier colleges 

Computational Biology at CMU!

As always, at CPS we're happy to help you explore your opportunities. We're also available for text, phone, email, in-person visits, and carrier pigeon to help with application, essays, or anything else you might need to help you take advantage of this type of opportunity. Just send us a note!

Music at CMU!

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