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Alberto Ruiz, Jr. '13

Marketing & Communications

After graduating from Covenant Prep in 2013, I attended Northwest Catholic High School in West Hartford, CT. After two years, I transferred to the Academy of Aerospace & Engineering in Windsor Locks, CT, where I would graduate with honors in 2017. Later, I would travel half way across the country, where I would matriculate to Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. At that point, I had never traveled west of the Appalachian Mountains and typically stayed within the east coast. Far from home, I began to notice the glaring differences between midwestern & New England culture and had some doubts of fitting in. Despite this, however, I would develop some of the fondest memories, and meet some of my life long friends, along with reaching my only claim to fame: working for the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2021, I would graduate from the School of Business, with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

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