Admissions FAQ

1.  What is the school size and class size?

We are a small school with 9-14 students per class:  

2.  What is the student/teacher ratio?

The student/teacher ratio is 7:1.

3.  Where will graduates attend high school?

Covenant Prep prepares young men for admittance into private, public, and technical schools.  Our graduates receive acceptance from local private day schools, boarding schools, while others choose to attend local magnet or charter schools.

4.  What activities do you offer?

Covenant Prep offers several activities for our scholars to participate in.  

  • Competitive Sports (Soccer and Basketball)

  • Intramural Sports (Flag Football, Rowing and Biking)

  • Clubs (Book, Cooking, Anime/Comic Book, Art, Drama, Games and Puzzles, and a host of others!)

5.  How do students get to Covenant Prep?

Covenant Prep will provide Hartford City Bus passes to families that live in Hartford.  Students living outside of Hartford are responsible for their own transportation to Covenant.

6.  What grades are you accepting applications?

We are accepting applications for students entering grades 6 and 7.

7.  Who is a successful Covenant Preparatory School candidate?

A successful candidate will be a young man who possesses a strong desire to engage in an academically rigorous environment and a strong academic record.  He will demonstrate strong character and integrity, accept the challenge of taking on leadership opportunities and commit to being a positive and productive contributor not only to the school community, but to the greater community in which he lives.


8.  Is Covenant Prep a Catholic school?

Covenant Prep is inter-faith and value-based.  Students come from a variety of faith and non-faith backgrounds.  Covenant also provides a strong learning environment that strengthens academic success and develops our scholars' social and relationship skills.

9.  How do I apply to Covenant Prep?

In order to attend Covenant, you must complete an inquiry form and the online application form.  If you are unable to complete these forms online, you may request an application by calling Lisa Tica (860) 547-0289 x177 or email at  In addition to filling out the application forms, your son is required to take an entrance exam and an interview must be scheduled. 

10.  Are entrance exams required for admissions?

All applicants are required to take the entrance exam to be considered for admission.  


11.  Is financial aid available?

Covenant Prep is tuition-free, however, we do require a $200 Technology Fee.


12.  When will I know if my son has been accepted to Covenant Prep?

Admission notifications will be sent via email in May.