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Admissions Process

1. Inquiry Form - Please submit this form before beginning the application.

2. Application Form - This form requests family and student biographical information and is to be completed by the parent/guardian. Application can be completed online or a request for a paper copy can be submitted using the buttons on the right.

3. After you complete the application, you will receive an email requesting:​​

  • Copy of most recent financial information (W-2 or Tax Form 1040)*

  • Signed Record Release Form given to applicant’s CURRENT SCHOOL.**

*The purpose of requesting family income information is to allow Covenant Preparatory School to access specific services & funding. Covenant Preparatory School is also committed to maintaining a student population where at least 80% of its students qualify for free or reduced lunch according to NSLP standards.

 **CURRENT SCHOOL should release student records including official school transcripts, report cards, standardized test scores, attendance records, and other records (IEPs, 504 plans, psychological records, etc.) and email or mail them to the above address. Record Release Form can be printed off our website, picked up from Covenant Prep, or mailed home by request.

4. Two Teacher Recommendations - These forms are to be filled out by your child's current teacher and another faculty member who has worked closely with the student.  This form will be sent to the email addresses provided on the completed application.


5. ​Schedule a Shadow Day -  Shadow Days are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the academic year. Your​​ child will be matched up with a student in a similar grade level. Half of the day will be spent attending classes and the other half will be dedicated to MAP Testing and an Interview. All the documentation must be received prior to attending the Shadow Day.


6. MAP Testing - Measures of Academic Progress test is a standardized test which will compare the applicant's academic progress with national norms in language usage, reading, and mathematics. 

7. Essay - A writing prompt will be given to the applicant during the MAP Test session.

8. Interview - There will be an interview with both the applicant and family where a variety of questions will be asked to gauge the applicant's readiness for Covenant Preparatory School and the family's commitment to supporting both the school and the student. The interview will be conducted by members of the school administration and teaching faculty at 4pm at the end of the Shadow Day.

Check out Covenant Prep's partner schools:

*For the 2024-25 academic year, we are currently ONLY accepting applications for the 5th grade class*

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