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While you may no longer see the faculty and staff on a daily business, never forget that we are still here to offer help, support, and guidance. Whether you need need help with a college application, a scholarship essay, or ideas on where to look for jobs and internships, the Graduate Support team is just an email or call away. 

You will find links to lists of various opportunities that come across our desks. Because some of these opportunities are offered by board members, donors, and other individuals, you will need a password to access the information. Full information and assistance related to these opportunities can be obtained at Covenant Prep School. Please request the password by calling or emailing Lisa Tica, the Director of Student Transitions and Family Engagement.

Internship Ideas & Opportunities

Resume Help and Job Opportunities

Scholarships for College/University

Important Dates


CommonApp Opens!


College Bootcamp


Essay Tips Webinar


High School Acceptances Go Out!

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