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Development Office

474 Woodland Street

Hartford, CT 06112

860-547-0289 Phone​

Give Covenant Prep’s students and graduates the Best Start to their futures by becoming a sponsor!


As a tuition-free, values-based, interfaith, independent college preparatory school, CPS provides a quality, rigorous education to middle school boys grades 5-8 from underserved communities. Our Graduate Support Program assists our alumni through high school, college, and beyond via a myriad of services.


On average, it costs about $20,000 a year to educate a Covenant Prep scholar through the academic year, including extended days, and mandatory Summer Academy—about the same as it costs an urban public school system in Connecticut to educate a student for just the academic year.


Your gift of $5,000 or more will help to support a student or class of graduates through these critical years as we lay the foundation for an exemplary middle school experience and beyond. All gifts are to be made this fiscal year.


As a sponsor, you will be invited to join us on the First Day of School as we welcome our students, wish them the best start to the year at Covenant Prep, and participate in our Annual Covenant Signing along with students, teachers, and families.

Your generous support is imperative to changing the trajectory of these young men’s lives, and we thank you in advance. A few simple guidelines for our generous sponsors:

  • While we love visitors, please let us know you would like to stop by in advance by calling 860-547-0289 to minimize any unexpected disturbances to our students.

  • We will not release additional information about our students or graduates to protect their and their families’ privacy.

  • We are grateful for your support and generosity, but we do ask that you not provide any additional presents, etc. to the students or graduates directly. This will help to keep this program fair and equitable for all involved.

  • Covenant Prep has formal programs to engage with students on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly). Please contact the school for more information on volunteering as a mentor or tutor.

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Our deepest thanks to all of our sponsors for their generous support! Become a sponsor at any of these levels:

  • $20,000 Student Sponsorship This helps to underwrite the cost of educating one student for the academic year, including our mandatory Extended Day/Enrichment Program, as well Summer Academy.

  • $10,000 Academic Scholarship This helps to underwrite the cost of educating one student for the academic year.

  • $7,500 Graduate Support Sponsorship This helps to underwrite the cost of supporting one class of Covenant Prep graduates for one year through our Graduate Support Program.

  • $5,000 Student Co-Sponsorship Students will be supported by more than one sponsor to help underwrite the cost of their education

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