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Covid-19 Updates

The Covenant Prep community made the decision to use a hybrid model. We understand some students may need the extra support that in-person learning can provide.  All recommended guidelines given by the CDC are being followed.

The school schedule has been changed to include advisory time at the beginning and end of the day to allow teachers and students a time to check in. 

We have continued to refine the curriculum to be culturally relevant and responsive to the needs of our specific students.

Formative assessments and class discussions are an integral part of the lessons to ensure learning is taking place in real time. 

We have included supplemental programming to create lessons to meet individual academic needs as well as track their progress toward academic goals including:

  • Edmentum's Exact Path, an adaptive learning platform 

  • Cross-grade, small group sessions for skills practice

Please stay tuned for any updates.

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