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Covenant Preparatory School’s curriculum is designed and delivered in a way intended to support the School's mission of preparing students for success in secondary school and beyond.  Aligned with state and federal standards, the curriculum guides students' study in the core disciplines: English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art and music.  Students also engage in physical education and competitive sports as well as a character building curriculum which guides students in learning about themselves and their bodies.  Students in 7th and 8th grades also participate in classes that prepare them to take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT).  Because of our extended hours, in addition to daily coursework, students are provided with monitored study time daily.

English Language Arts

The English Language Arts curriculum provides students the opportunity to grow as readers and writers.  Students will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of fictional and non-fictional texts.  Students will also utilize the writing process to produce a broad range of written work in a variety of styles and for different purposes.


The Mathematics curriculum offers students the opportunity to strengthen their skills in working with numbers and solving problems. Students at all grade levels will encounter material that engages them in numerical, algebraic, geometric, and statistical concepts, and how to apply them.


Sciences at Covenant Preparatory School challenge students to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and the ability to collect and analyze data.  At the different grade levels, students study earth, life, and physical sciences.  Hands-on projects and experiments reinforce scientific material and provide students opportunities to apply the scientific method.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum at Covenant Preparatory School aims to help students better understand modern society and their role in it.  By studying a broad range of cultures and eras important to the history of the world, students are able to understand the contributions and challenges of various societies and how they have impacted the world at large.  Students engage with material from both Eastern and Western civilizations, as well as the ancient and modern worlds.

Visual Arts

All students are required to participate in visual arts instruction.  Focusing on elements and principles of design, students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop a stronger sense of technical skills.  Students create artworks using a variety of techniques and media.

Physical Education and Health

As a commitment to educating the whole child, Covenant Preparatory School requires students to participate in a physical education curriculum.  Students will learn and participate in a variety of athletic activities intended to expand their experiences, foster healthy exercise habits, and promote positive sportsmanship.  With the desire to help develop mature and well rounded young men, the health and character curriculum seeks to help students better understand themselves and their bodies.  Students will engage with a variety of topics and activities that will encourage healthy habits, develop greater understanding, and encourage growth in character.

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