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Why Our Students Love Covenant Prep

"What makes Covenant Prep special in my opinion is the people. They help me with my work and are very nice in general."

- Yohannes Walker, '24

"What makes Covenant Prep special is the opportunities you get here and the amount of support."

- Marco Cornejal, '22

"The community at Covenant is what makes Covenant Prep special and I like that the teachers are always so helpful."

- Dariel Mercado, '22

"I love Covenant Prep because of the art programs. And this morning I just won Resident Artist."

- Marcuz Iloeje, '23

"I love Covenant Prep because the class sizes are so small we get more 1:1 time with the teachers."

- Isaac Gran, '22

"I love Covenant Prep because of the large variety of clubs. My favorite club is rowing on the Connecticut River."

- Eric Joseph, '22

"The diversity and the small groups is what makes Covenant Prep special so you always get the focus and attention you need. That is why I love Covenant Prep."

- Alijah Harper-McQueen, '22

"I think something that makes Covenant so special is the community we have around here. Everyone is so kind and the class sizes are much smaller than regular classrooms and the teachers help you a lot with your work."

- Abdiel Santiago, '22

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