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Activities to Build Experience and your High School/College/University Application!

When admissions officials read your application, they look at more than just your grades, test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation; they also look at your extracurricular activities. They look at your activities and the the leadership or other roles you play in them to get a sense of who you are on your free time, the person with interests and passions that exists outside of the school building.

Activities provide not just an opportunity for new experiences, friendships, and leadership opportunities, they provide you with a chance to explore and develop new interests. If you're sitting at home every night or week day playing the Xbox (nothing wrong with that, especially if you're also learning programming or graphics design for video games!), look out your window and think about the things going on in your neighborhood, school, city, state that you can get involved in!

Check out the posts here to get some ideas! Filter posts by clicking the links at the top (and in the more drop down).

Send us an email! We love finding out what you are doing now that we don't see you any day. We're also here to help if you want to discuss ways to take advantage of opportunities for activities and internships and scholarships!

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