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Check Out These Ideas for Activities. They Are More Than Just a Line on Your Application.

Activities provide you with an incredible opportunity to try something new, develop your skills/talents/experience in a certain area, and show potential high schools/colleges/universities/employers who you are outside of the classroom or workplace. They also allow you to connect with the community, make new friends, and develop a strong professional network. Those are a lot of great benefits for something you can often do in your spare time, on the weekend, or at your current school. Before getting to the list below, remember that you can always email us and we'll work with you to explore these and other opportunities.

As you explore the activities listed below, think of them from several perspectives. Think past the activity as just an activity. If you are volunteering to serve as an usher or a social media coordinator for a local theatre (live theatre!), consider how you experience could lead to a part-time job there or at another theatre over the summer. If you attend a free show offered by a local organization and you're interested in live performances or sound boards or videography or community events or costume design or acting/music-making, talk to the people in charge and see if they need help putting on future events. Find ways to leverage your activities so that you can gain more experience and connections in areas of interest to you. Not only is it fun, these types of activities can help you get into the school of your dreams or get the job of dreams!

Community Involvement

Tutoring younger students at a nearby school or tutor center

Community clean up days

Outdoor music fesitvals

Farmer's Markets (you could even sell a product or service of your own!)

Intern for a local council member or legislator (the city and state governments are right here!)



First Aid


Mental Health

EMT Training

Microsoft/Google/Apple certifications for IT/computer skills


Outdoor clubs

Sierra Club

Local hiking groups

Local clean up groups

Connecticut Trails Certification


Hartford Stage Company

Dance Groups

Hartford Symphony Orchestra


Hartford (or your local city's) Community Television Station (Camera Operator, Production Room Operator, Art Department)

Create a weekly Podcast/YouTube video on an area of interest (things happening in your area, game strategies, study skills, discussion of topics from your classes)...

Try an alternative instrument (ever heard of a nose flute? Google it!)

Artist's Collective (singing, instruments, performances, lessons...)

Non-Profit Issue Organizations

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (

Connecticut Health Foundation

Hartford Public LIbrary

Greater Hartford Arts Council

Capital City YouthBuild AmeriCorps (ages get paid too!)


Microsoft/Google/Apple certifications for IT/computer skills

CompTIA A+ Certification

Khan Academy




Learn to build apps for Android and iOS (many free online platforms for this)

Learn to code R, Python, Java/JavaScript... (many free resources for this and these can help you get a job later too!)

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